What We Stand for at Netcom

Our Vision

Clear communication when it matters most.

Our Mission 

We are committed to providing well-designed, high-performing RF filters that unfailingly support communication in critical times.

Netcom, Inc. RF Engineers and Team
Family Owned and Operated for 45 Years

Our Core Values


Our team is in constant communication to get our clients faster responses, accurate answers, and unique solutions. We partner with the right suppliers to ensure quality and on-time delivery, and we collaborate with clients to solve their engineering problems in unique ways. 


We are proud to have the best defined and most accurate specs in our industry and a reputation for 45+ years of high-performing filters. We never accept compromise on quality, responsiveness, or doing hard things the right way.


We love figuring out new ways to solve problems, whether that means using existing components in fresh ways, creating novel configurations, or developing new products. Our engineers are an extension of R&D for our clients to bring new ideas to market. 

Netcom’s Manufacturing capabilities

Why Switch to Netcom?

Netcom is the obvious choice to solve your tunable filter supply chain challenges, support your progress, and enable innovation. Reach out to us  when:

  • Other vendors are unresponsive 
  • Their specs lack detail
  • Their components fail to meet your standards 
  • You are tired of order delays
  • You want to affordably retrofit existing systems
  • You need help creating a new tunable filter solution

Our Capabilities, Expertise, & Performance

– Physical plant in Wheeling, Illinois, with over 40,000 square feet dedicated to manufacturing. 

– Streamlined processes and design-in support activities to meet timely deliverables. 

– In-house capabilities include experience with programs ranging from 100 to 100,000 unit orders. 

– Automated SMT lines, in-house compliance testing, computerized test stations, certified RF screen room, machine shop, trained and certified technical staff.

– Extensive knowledge of RF and Microwave applications, pertinent materials, outstanding quality control system.

– In-house engineering team with a broad range of skill sets for RF and microwave designs with an emphasis on modular design techniques.

Netcom- Manufacturing capabilities

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