Netcom’s 5588 is a digitally tunable filter covering the frequency range of 30 to 520MHz. The filter has been designed using three bands of tunable filters from Netcom’s proven 5500 Series.

This 30-520 MHz tri-band filter is offered in a smaller integrated SMT package to support applications where compact design, power requirements and board layout flexibility is important. It meets the vibration and shock requirements of systems used in ground-mobile and airborne environments.

Commercially available high voltage drivers and a new generation CPLD have been used to achieve improved performance and reduced cost while at the same time providing increased functionality. The filter incorporates high voltage totem pole drivers for the PIN diode bias voltage to minimize current draw from the 100 VDC supply.

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Frequency Range 30 to 520 MHz
Available BW 3%
*Ftune +/- 10% Rejection (Typical) -27 dB
*Ftune +/- 15% Rejection (Typical) N/A
*Ftune +/- 20% Rejection (Typical) N/A
Insertion Loss (Typical) 6.3 dB
Impedance (Input /Output) 50 Ω
Switching Speed, 90% RF Power 50 µs
Tuning Resolution 100 kHz
P1dB +29 dBm
IP3  +40 dBm
Noise Figure < 1.2 dB above Insertion Loss
DC Inputs
+5 Volts (±0.5 Volts) 290 mA
-150 Volts (-7, +25 Volts) 1.0 mA
Operating Temperature Range -40 to +85°C
Control Interface – Selectable 13 bit Parallel or Serial

– TTL and CMOS Compatible

Dimensions [L x W x H] 2.80 x 2.00 x 0.50 inches

71.12 x 50.80 x 12.70 mm


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