Netcom’s 5900 is a digitally tunable filter covering the frequency range of 225 to 450MHz.

The 225-450MHz tunable filter design is based on cavity resonators and includes an integrated digital control interface. With its unique design, it offers a high-power and low insertion loss performance in a small package. It has been designed specifically for higher order modulation systems and data applications having a constant 14MHz filter bandwidth over the entire frequency range. The digital control interference is provided to accept either parallel data and strobe or serial data, clock and strobe.

Options are available upon request for different bandwidth, insertion loss and frequency range.

  • Specifications
  • Performance
  • Mechanical
Min Nominal Max
Frequency Range 225Mhz 450MHz
Tuning Channels 250
Tuning Speed, 90% RF Power 50 µS
Input / Output Impedance 50 Ω
Input RF Power 10 W
Filter Bandwidth 14 MHz
Out of Band Rejection f0 +/- 0dB
f0 +/- 12.6 MHz > 6dB
f0 +/- 27.4 MHz > 16dB
f0 +/- 71 MHz > 31dB
Insertion Loss 2.0 dB 2.33 dB 4.0 dB
VSWR 1.7:1
Inband Third Order Intercept Point +50 dBm
Second Harmonic Rejection 55 dB
DC Inputs
  +5 Volts 500 mA
  +200 Volts 12 mA
Operating Temperature Range -40 to +85°C
RF Connectors MCX
Control Interface – 8 bit Parallel or Serial, 20-pin Connector TTL and CMOS Compatible
Power Save Mode Programmable
Dimensions 2.7 x 3.0 x 1.2 inches